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YorkPic Arne


Courses Taught at Anna Maria College

Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II (BIO212/213)
General Biology I (BIO103)
General Biology II (BIO104)
Genetics (BIO402)
Environmental Chemistry (CHM110)
Advanced Methods in Biology (BIO497)


Research Interests

1) Anadromous fish migrate from their natal streams out to the open ocean and then return as part of their natural life history. This movement between freshwater and seawater presents a physiological challenge for salt and water balance. My current research foci are on the cells and ion transport proteins that permit ion homeostasis in aquatic environments of different salinities.

2) The retina is a highly specialized tissue that is ordered into distinct functional lamellae which act in concert to convey signals of photoreception to the brain. I am interested in the cell developmental and biochemical pathways that underlie proper retinal patterning, in addition to changes that occur in the mature retina under different photic and spectral conditions.



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